Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crespo v. Crespo Overturned, NJ Appeals Courts Rules Domestic Violence Law Constitutional

by Mark Godbey
June 24, 2009

Last Thursday, a New Jersey Appealate Court overturned the Crespo v Crespo decision, which denied a domestic violence restraining order bases on the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act that uses the "preponderance of evidence" standard to justify such orders.

The appeals court ruled that the state statute does not violated federal and state constitutions, and the lower court made an error in stating the practices and procedures of the courts in NJ violated due process and the appellate court ruling in the Crespo v. Crespo, A-0202/0203-08, reverses a Hudson County judge's finding that the 20-year old statute, violates the separation-of-powers.

For the published opinion of the court see:

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  1. New Jersey is a "garbage law state" which should not even be allowed to be part of the USA anymore. Its judges, petty local officials and legal system regularly violates the US Constitution, and they rigged wierd anti-american laws making it hard to sue them. In New York City there are 30,000 lawsuits per year settled for when government officials or police abuse private citizens or violate one's constitutional american rights. But not in dirty "Communist State" type New Jersey. Only about 100 people ever succeed in suing per year, which is why NJ officials so often abuse taxpayers and normal citizens.

    One of the favorite predations of the so-called Family Courts and Police are to stick their dirty noses in other people's and children's families, without any good reason, providing that a woman the government has offered superior rights thereby to, can be induced to make complaints. The Police who can't seem to stop heroin users in USA from sending funding to the TALIBAN (via heroin purchases) and who can't seem to stop the huge number of murders per year in Trenton and Newark, nonetheless spend 40% of their time on so-called "Domestic Matters".

    Before the Dirty NJ Government started sticking their noses in people's families, and destroying them so the kids will have no fathers, the children and young adults in society were not anywhere near as mentally ill as is now considered "just the way it is". Today we have the most messed up, most obese, and most on drugs (Prozac, Ritalin...etc.) teens and kids of any generation the world has ever known.

    The Assault on traditional families and on male parents rights by the NJ Family Court Storm-Troopers has caused this, and is part of the overall "plan" to force the Welfare System / FemiNasty System Rule upon rest of society. No matter that it violates the Religious freedom of the Jewish and Muslim and even Traditional Christian religions that have 10 Commandments that speak of "Honor thy Father and Mother". In New Jersey, the Family Court Judges and wacko NJ Domest. Viol. Law (that doesn't require any violence to destroy a family) has no respect for Male Parents and is discriminatorily applied on a daily basis throughout the state.

    It should be renamed the NJ Family Wrecking Act, or NJ Lawyer's Family Predation Act, in the interests of Truth in Advertising Titles.