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Bonding - Children's Rights to Their Father

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Professor Sir Michael Rutter, 13th March 2002
"Very many thanks for sending me a copy of your interesting and informative guide on 'even Toddlers Need Fathers'. I much appreciate your drawing my attention to it"

Bowlby, who developed the theory of maternal deprivation', claimed children would be less intelligent, or suffer a complete lack of social conscience or social relationships, which he described as 'affectionless psychopathy', if they were deprived of their mothers. It was left to Rutter, as well as others, to show that, 'most important of all there has been repeated findings that many children are not damaged by deprivation'. Therefore there is no legitimate reason fathers should not be allowed the same contact arrangements as mothers, even with small children.

However Bowlby's ideas were very popular a the time and 'Child Care and the Growth of Love', which was a version of his earlier work called 'Maternal Care and Mental Health', went on to be a best seller and translated into more than a dozen languages.

As a result of following precedents based on the 'Tender Years' doctrine the courts routinely give 'custody' of the child or children to the mother and allow some form of 'contact' with the father.

Bowlby was the UK version of Dr. Spock. Spock did not espouse a sexist theory, but the dramatic impact on children and the rampant narcissism which followed in his wake can be seen in America's lack of moral integrity in its treatment of children.

Barriers to Engaging Fathers in UK Schools and Family Services

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