Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Single Greatest Threat to the Socialists

by Mark Godbey
March 25, 2009

It’s not TeaParties, not Elections, its certainly not Republicans.

It’s the Family. The two-parent home. Children being raised by both parents. Whether the parents are divorced or married. Parental rights to rear children and a child’s right to both of his parents. (Grandparents are good, too. Sometimes better.) Where’s the AARP when we need them?

You want to Rebuild America? Emphasize Family Values. Support the Family. The family is the core of civilized society, the safe harbor for children.

Democrats are terrified of two-parent homes. The single-parent home is the largest breeding ground of criminals, alcoholics, drug addicts, unwed mothers, and suicides among children from such homes.

The Democrats could care less about the Republicans, the UN, and Rush Limbaugh. They are just a lot of hot air, no muscle. The mass of two-parent homes terrifies them. “Break ‘em all up” say the Democrats. Subsidize divorce. Pay incentive bonuses to HHS-funded CPS workers.

“Destroy the family, and you destroy society,” said Lenin. Guess what? We just elected the first Socialist President.

The destruction of the American Family is funded by the federal government. That’s right. The wholesale destruction of the black family was funded by the government. Now they want everyone else.

The federal government gives state huge block grants, big pots of money to disburse to single parent homes. Big Daddy government!

In effect the federal government is now Big Daddy. Fathers are not needed. In the eyes of the Democrats it takes only a single parent and Big Daddy to do the job.

Unfortunately, that has never worked. In fact, single parent homes produce more criminals, dropouts, unwed mothers, alcoholism and suicides than any other type of home. Didn’t I just say that?

And these homes are on the rise. Make no mistake. The federal and state governments want it that way. The feds give money to the states to make it that way. The state takes the money for jobs. Pays bonuses for stealing children.

HHS gives CPS workers $4-6K per child head, and $2K bonus for "special needs" kids. Sorta like a bounty on scalps? Might be too young to remember, that one, huh?

Ask the Indians. How many children were taken from their homes up until the Indian Child Welfare Act was introduced? Are the Indian Nations what they once were? How many black children have seen their father in the last year. Certainly not Barack Obama, our first "fatherles" president.

You Decide.

Support Parent’s Right…..The Only Right Left Out of the US Constitution. Let’s make it Right. Get involved. Support Rep. Pete Hoekstra and the Parental Rights Amendment. Become and 10-2 Volunteer.


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