Monday, March 2, 2009

Family, not Socialism, is the Answer

By Mark Godbey
March 3, 2009

"Destroy the family, you destroy the country." said Vladimir Lenin. This is the philosophy of socialism and it has become the family philosophy of the American Left. From the very beginning of the socialist takeover of Russia, the ability to destroy a family has been a part of the communist doctrine and was exercised ruthlessly by the state.

Here is United States; it has become almost the same as socialist Russia. The rise of no-fault divorce since 1969 first in California has created the Obama-generation of children that see hopelessness in family since almost half of all children since 1969 have grown up in single parent homes. The single-parent home has become the single largest breeding ground for crime, depression and suicide.

The creation of the heinous family court systems, and foster care child care system subsidized by Social Security Code Title IV, has lead to a disastrous rise in crime from children, murder, unwanted babies, and depression and suicide among children and parents, mostly fathers.

What will it take to stop this slide in to the destruction of this country and the moral backbone of this country, the American Family?

We all can agree, parents do not own their children. We are, however, responsible for their growth and well being. For us, the parents of our children assume the "natural" responsibility that existed before law was created to rear children.

Before countries were created, religions organized, and “rights” were written down, parents have reared their children. Marriage between a man and woman existed before laws. Children were reared by their parents. They were taught by their parents. The village acted in concert with the parents, and each supported the other.

It remains to the most fundamental right that human beings have. It has Never been necessary to make it into a law. Good parents have always taken care of their children to the best of their ability. And at time, a small minority of parents fails. This is when the doctrine of “patria parens,” (the state is “father to the children”) takes effect. But far too often both in education, divorce, and in juvenile justice, the state has over reached its authority, and has taken children from good parents.

We have all heard the atrocities of bad parents, but most parents are good parents. And when confronted by the state most good parents loose custody of their children, during divorce, interventions by school authorities and child protective services, without every going through a jury trial.

Even here in America, you can be accused of a crime, never tried by a jury, and lose your children. Most are granted “visitation”, which is just another name for “termination” of parental rights.

This right existed before the creation of any man-made law. Yet over the centuries of this government, we have seen the actual destruction of this right by the many states of the United States and enforced and mandated by the forces of socialism.

That is why a parent’s rights amendment is necessary. Under the US Constitution, family and parents rights have been left to the state, yet in order to destroy the family, the states accepted money from the federal government for visitation centers, child support and supervised visitation.

This is a direct violation of the 10th Amendment. Federal government interference in family matters. Federal government interference in rights reserved for the state. Parental rights, marriage, juvenile courts, and education of our children is a state matter, a matter for “we the people.”

The long history of family values and parents rights has been layed out for us by the US Supreme Court in many decisions. Here are a few of the decisions have defined our rights for us.

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I would urge any reader to take a long look at supporting a parental rights amendment in your state. Family values, education, religion, and rearing of children, absent a criminal act against one parent or the other, or their children, deserves the protection of the state, and the protection of a trial by jury for any a parent is charged with for termination of parental rights.

It is time for the state of California to stop taking money from the federal government for the “destruction of the family,” as Lenin stated.

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