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I received this email from a friend of a friend and pass it on to you as is, Mark:



The latest issue:

I live in Maryland. My case is DV-2000-5967 in the circuit court of Pulaski County, Arkansas 15th Division. Through an unfavorable divorce, my daughter resides in Arkansas. My ex-wife's attorney claims that I am three months past due and have requested that I be I be incarcerated.

Every summer, I fly my daughter to Maryland for her 8-week stay at a cost of $300 per week day camp and I still faithfully pay child-support while I have her. If I am found to have even unintentionally missed a single child-support payment, the judge will issue a warrant for my arrest, incarcerated, and fined any unlimited amount.

They sent me no letter that I was behind in child-support. Just court papers on 14FEB09 to travel over 1000 miles to appear in an Arkansas Court for a hearing and sentencing on 23MAR09. Her attorney, Michael Knollmeyer at 2525 John Harden Drive, Jacksonville, AR 72076, 501-985-1760, 501-985-1924 fax claims that I am 3 months past due in child support just to get it to court before the judge and is running a crusade to have another PROFESSIONAL African-American male unreasonably put in jail.

We need to stand behind each other, because we are slowly being taken out one-by-one. A measly 30 days is not a reasonable time to correct matters involving interstate child custody or child support.

Just like thousands of other African-American men whom have obeyed their parent, gone to school, graduated with degrees, going to church, just to be rail-roaded be the Judicial Branch of "our" own govenment. Similar to these men, whom are doing the right thing, if I am sent to prison, you would not even know it. The NAACP ain't what is used to be.

* I began a new job on 15SEP08.
* I was getting paid bi-weekly on August 27, 2007. As of 15SEP08, I get paid monthly.
* I did receive a final pay check in October from the former employer showing that the automatic withdrawal of child support was made. This was for work performed in September.
* In November 2008, I voluntarily registered on-line with the Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement.
* In November 2008, I made one on-line payment of an amount equal or greater than 2 bi-weekly child support payments.
* In December 2008, I submitted an affidavit of financial means to the Court and my ex-wife.
* My pay check for the months beginning in December 2008 reflect an increased deduction. The increase in child support is based on the current monthly pay.
* The child support payments are deducted from each monthly pay check.
* The small discrepancy amount in child support does not raise to the level that interstate nor is court action reasonable.
* I have not been given reason time or information in writing to perform ant corrective action. In all UIFSA matters, the Court and Office(s) of Child Support Enforcement grant 90 - 365 days to pay minor arrearage discrepancies.

Based on these FACTS, the court date should be changed to a date after the child ends her summer 2009 vacation. I should not be jailed or be adjudged in Contempt of this Court.

No stimulus plan for Black inmates

Published: Thursday, March 12, 2009 12:06 PM EDT

Wherever the American economy is headed, the American judicial system will have already entrapped Blacks. The New York Legislature, for example, passed its gradual emancipation statute in 1799. On the same day in 1799, the New York Legislature also established a statewide prison system. Coincidence?

After the ratification of the 14th Amendment, kangaroo courts were in full bloom, and the terms of the 14th Amendment were being routinely honored in the breach. The American economy still needed a bailout after chattel slavery. Blacks were pawns, and the nation's judicial system would punish any Black loiterer who refused to participate in volunteer slavery. Today, there are more Black men in prison than in college, and more than half of the Black men in urban centers are unemployed. It costs more to imprison a Black male than to send him to college. New York refuses to accord a Black inmate a college education. Black inmates are subject to Dred Scott. The average cost of incarceration is $29,000.
Terrorism thrives when Blacks seem to be making progress. It is worse in prisons. Attorney General Eric Holder is the nominal defender of the constitutional guarantees of Blacks. He is currently nursing bruises for, within reason, describing the state of race relations in the United States.

He described this country as a "nation of cowards." History has proven that this country is, in fact, a nation of racial racketeers and conspirators. Mr. Holder was being kind to white critics who advocate and perpetuate the notion of white superiority. These are racial zealots.

The First Amendment rights of first lady Michelle Robinson have already been checkmated. This is reminiscent of the gag rule against abolitionists in the U.S. Senate. If Mr. Holder is unable to exercise free speech rights, it is doubtful he can be of any assistance in ameliorating the plight of Blacks.

Like this country's banking system, the judicial system is also bankrupt and corrupt. Some of the victims of this banking system are on unemployment lines. The banking parasites are receiving bailout checks and Bernard Madoff is squirreling away his loot They are too white to fail.

While the economic system is plagued by greed, the judicial system is plagued by racism. In 1991, for example, a blue-ribbon commission described New York's judicial system as "infested with racism." Black leaders immediately stuck their heads in the sand. They have refused to come up for air. Judicial racism remains unchecked, despite exorbitant costs to Blacks.

Tavis Smiley's "State of the Black Union" exemplifies the problem. Racism, incarceration and poverty (RIP) are ripping the Black colony apart. A community, on the other hand, controls its politics and economics There were no poor people or ex-cons on any of the panels. None of the panelists had missed a meal. They are receiving white funds. A Black agenda is still an illusion.

If politicians and racketeers can propose the nationalization of banks, the Obama administration should be able to put all state judicial systems in receivership. They were never intended to manage the judicial affairs of Blacks in accordance with the Constitution.

Approximately eight million people in this county are under correctional control. While one in every 31 Americans is in the criminal justice system, the ratio for Blacks is one in 11. Half of the convicted persons in the correctional system are Black.

No country approaches the United States in imprisoning its residents.
In terms of Blacks, the separation of powers doctrine is inoperable. The three branches of government are acting in concert. When Blacks stand in the well of the courtroom, there are no checks and balances, and appellate courts routinely rubberstamp judgments of conviction.

One of the benefits of the prison-industrial complex for whites is the transfer of political power from Black urban centers to white rural areas. Prison inmates are counted in their actual residences and not in their domiciles. This means the transfer of Black political power is shifted to white areas where Black inmates are disenfranchised.

This is not the case in Maine and Vermont, however. I wonder why? The U.S. Supreme Court, this past Monday, ruled that some members of the Congressional Black Caucus should start packing their bags. This decision aids those racists who are using prisons to create a slave auction for private enterprise. Black leaders are unable to connect the dots.

States and the federal government are unable to meet their correctional expenses. This is putting the lives of Black inmates in jeopardy. Many of these persons are innocent or have been denied the right to a fair trial. Only half of the states allow for some semblance of compensation to wrongfully convicted defendants.

As the economic conditions of the states worsen, many inmates will be eating bread and water amid unsafe temperatures. The alternative is to release them. To make matters worse, Mr. Obama has failed to fashion a stimulus package for prison inmates, and Black politicians refuse to inspect these modern-day slave quarters.

Virtually every week, a wrongfully convicted inmate is released from prison because of DNA. At least six states prevent, outright, the release of wrongfully convicted inmates because of the exculpatory potential of DNA. Other states have cumbersome and flawed legislation regarding the release of wrongfully convicted defendants based on DNA.

A case in point was the wrongfully convicted defendants in the Central Park jogger case. Kharey Wise was the worst-case scenario. He spent 15 years behind bars. The minimum stay for these young men was seven years. The exculpatory results of DNA tests were of no assistance to them. Justice Thomas Galligan ignored their innocence.

Even though Blacks, Latinos and Asians occupy 25 of the 51 seats on the New York City Council, Council Speaker Christine Quinn is preventing them from representing historically oppressed persons. Whites are over-represented by nine members. A white minority runs municipal government. Black "citizens" have as much political power as Black inmates.

In the meantime, Mayor Michael Bloomberg will go back to the New York Legislature this spring to secure a renewal of his firm grip on public education in New York City. He also opposes compensation for these five Central Park victims, despite irrefutable evidence that they were framed and railroaded. If he harbors this unfounded attitude towards these five victims, why do we suspect that his attitude is any different towards the Black and Latino students in the public school system, which is already barring equal employment opportunities for Black children in New York City?

Black leaders are living in fear of white supremacists, but they are eating out of their oppressors' troughs. As the late Dr. William A. Jones would often say, "If you eat the king's meat, you must do the king's bidding." If you refuse to eat the king's meat, you will end up like me.

I will surely miss Wilbert "Bill" Tatum. Very few Blacks today will defend the First Amendment. With the losses of Tatum, Dr. Jones and attorney Louis Clayton Jones, Blacks are in dire straits in New York. Other Black leaders are accepting funds from white supremacists. See, for example, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, "Jena 6" and the New York Post.

I need your support and letters for filing a petition for writ of certiorari in Maddox v. Prudenti et al in the U.S. Supreme Court on the questions of two-tone justice in the United States and denial of free speech for Blacks.

Also, the invocation of the nocitation rule is threatening the doctrine of stare decisis. Send letters and support to Alton Maddox, 16 Court Street, Ste. 1901. Brooklyn, NY 11241.

March 18, UAM Weekly Forum at Elks Plaza, 1068 Harriet Tubman (Fulton Street) nr. Classon Ave. in Brooklyn at 7:30 p.m. Take the "C" train to Franklin Ave. Three blocks to Elks Plaza. Admission is free. March 22, Bus to Spectrum Dance Center, Halsey Street and Central Ave., Newark, NJ for the 25th anniversary celebration of African Echoes. Bus leaves from Slave Theater in Brooklyn at 2:30 pm.
April 25-26, UAM's "Egypt on the Potomac" field trip in Washington, D.C., and the Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore, MD. July 5-August 1, Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls for children ages 7-15 in the Catskill Mountains. Call UAM at (718) 834-9034 for further information.
See: http://www.reinstatealtonmaddox.net/ for "Black Radio in NYC Requires Funding," "Blacks Say No to the 13th Amendment" and "Freedom Retreat Explores Underground Railroad."

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Posted by Elihu Eli El at 12:10 on Fri, Aug 16, 2002
It took a lot of effort just to get my thoughts together. Some of us believe that the era of Civil Rights is over. There is still a continued need for unity. There is a trend across the country that we tend not to associate or communicate with each other unless there is something to be gained from it. I am not immune from this malady. I have found myself unconsciously doing this a few times. When I do catch myself acting like this, I remember these few principles that I TRY to live by:
Bear true faith and allegiance to my faith, family, and friends;

Fulfill my social obligations;

Treat people as they should be treated;

Face fear, danger, or adversity (physical or moral) for the advancement of my family (my daughter and me...I'm );

Live up to all the social norms and tenets;

...Moreover, do what is right legally and morally.

While attending college in the early 90's, I took a break, which turned out to be about 6 years. Last year, I returned to college and graduated with a B.S. degree in Computer Science. I was tired of having to beg for jobs. I would beg for the job and the anxiety of the lack of job security would quickly set in. During my two-year return to college, I held seven different jobs. Since 1990, I have been a member of the United States Army Reserve. On a couple of jobs, I trusted my employers and got shafted. On some jobs, there were class-scheduling conflicts. I also quit my UPS truck loading position in order to teach Mathematics at Sylvan Learning Center. I believed that this was an excellent opportunity to gain teaching experience. Well, 5 months later, the enrollment was down and we know what happened then.

I am now employed as a computer programmer. I program in visual Basic and Oracle SQL. It is an excellent position and I have been blessed. I say this not strictly based on the fact that I have a better job and increased income, but for the perseverance, education, wisdom, and intelligence that prepared me the job. I will continue to build upon these attributes, whether I am working in a "good" position or not. Jobs come and jobs may go. When we put faith in man, then there is always a chance that we may lose. Bare with me, but there are three facets of our lives that we must always strive to improve. These are our spiritual beliefs, intelligence, and physical abilities. Some may improve their spiritual lives by reading his or her holy scriptures. Others may help someone help him or herself. I personally believe that one reason why we are on Earth is to help someone else. I have been told that if someone reads passages and does not implement what she or he has learned, then the effort is of no value.

I am a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. An older fraternity brother explained, to me, the concept of "reach one, teach one." If we, as African-Americans could strive to help one person at a time, then this world would be a better place for us. "Reach one, teach one" increases education as well as economic opportunities. I know that some people are not receptive to ideas such as this, but as long as each one of us does the best he or she can...it is all good. Do you feel me? We as members of a community, , and country will not go wrong by taking chances helping each other. There is not fulfillment in life without influence. There is nothing wrong with a Black man calling his Black friends and family when there is a job opening (economic opportunity...they do).

There is nothing wrong with hiring another African-American in trainable positions, which ultimately could lead to 4 years of progressive experience once she or he graduates college. I hate it when someone trade a good running car in for $2000 when they could of sold it to a relative for the same price. R. Kelly, the singer, mentions that he does not see anything wrong with a little "Bump and Grind." Anyhow, I do not see anything wrong with a little "economic opportunity." We see what a little "Bump and Grind" can do. In most U.S. cities that I visit, almost no form of ownership is owned by African-Americans. How many skyscrapers in your town or city that are Black-owned? How many rims / dubs are Black-owned? I see more skyscrapers, tech firms like Microsoft and 3COM, airlines, and telemarketing companies, which the other man owns, than dubs that he is sitting on. Generally speaking...who is cleaning those skyscrapers, selling the retail products, loading the luggage, and bugging me all the time. Well you get the point. I have brought this up to both Black and White people. Their argument is that the African-American ownership is in proportionate with racial demographics. If African-Americans generally make up only 10-20 percent of the population of most U.S. cities, then why is it that we lead in almost every negative statistic in America? If there were a race in America called to Green people and they lacked economic opportunities, then they would be leading in negative statistics. Education and economic opportunities breed power and privilege.

"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." - Lord Acton

There will always be a gross imbalance if we continue along this path.

While in the field of Law Enforcement, I came across this statistic:

Imprisoned African-Americans Population in America's Jails

1969 27%

1995 89%

I am appalled by these numbers. It has always surprised me how most of us would go to college, earn a B.A. or higher in Sociology and not do anything to positively influence the social path that we are on. Whenever I turn on the local R & B radio stations and Black-oriented television networks, there are insinuations referring to dope, handguns, illicit sex, usury, wasteful spending, and conspicuous consumption. This trend is practiced throughout the United States. When we are influenced by these practices, then the other man gains more and more...and more power and more and more...and more privilege. I feel that this issue is not appropriately being because we are the majority going to jail. There is much is much money to be made by jailing folk. I have been told that most African-American Sociologist are too stressed out and busy trying to keep their heads above water than to address issues such as this. The "Bling-Bling" jewelry is usually of poor quality, looks shiny, and is wasteful. Most of the "Bling-Bling" may be sold by Black vendors, but generally, the manufacturing plants are not Black owned.

Economic opportunities start with education, but it does not end there. Most industry owners do not obtain success strictly from education. In that case, Don King would have a PhD. The Michael Jacksons, Michael Jordans, Master P's, and Oprahs all have success, but do they have significance? A person with a Lexus or BMW may be considered as being successful. With success, my motives may be selfish. With significance, my motives cannot be selfish. What is the difference between success and significance?

Success is when I add value to myself.

Significance is when I add value to others.

One mutual trait that CEO's have is that they are leaders and take people with them to the top. America needs more African-Americans that are significant. Are you significant? We do not have to be rich to be significant. We must also share information and ideas with each other for the success of the whole. I returned to college and earned my degree as an adult. Doors opened because of this. Communication is powerful tool to build economic opportunity. Pass on what you learn. Every day, take things that you learned and ask yourself...

"Where can I use this?"

"When can I use this?"

"Who needs to know this?"

It has been proven that the technical industry's mostly white and Asian makeup unfairly shuts out African-Americans and Latinos. It has also been proven that our skills must be twice as marketable in order to obtain an equal position as white counterparts. From 1997 to 2000, the number of racial discrimination charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against tech employers bounced around. It rose in 2001, after the tech wave had crested and later collapsed. Most of us are very familiar with the saying..."Last hired, first fired."

Technology based research projects and educational advantages are not readily communicated to African-American students. As a computer programmer, one of my goals is to develop gaming software. This is a very lucrative and rewarding field. This is another market, which is generally held by whites and Asians. Game development is an area of the tech industry where recent college graduates or novice programmers could be introduced to, be given the tools to do his or her job, and cultivate a rewarding and financially sound career while planning an early retirement. Most African-Americans and Latinos are being blocked from even having knowledge of such positions. Not all "good" jobs are placed in the local classifieds. My name is Eli. Thank you very much for taking time out to read this. After reading this, feel free to hit me up via email at eli_el@hotmail.com or telephone at 618-351-1109. A lot of us understand the problem, but we must first determine what can be done in my community to increase economic opportunities for all.

Identify companies that have unfair career promotion and polarized executive and non-executive structures.

Contact organizations such as the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering in order to identify community colleges, 4-year colleges, trade schools, and universities that provide adequate education opportunities outside of the classroom. Many of us are being left behind in this area. For an insight on what I mean, check this out:




Do not lie. Without trust, there can be no relationship.

Sacrifice for your children's success. Prepare them for the challenges that they WILL face. Teaching and guidance does not stop at 18 years of age. Instead of teaching his daughter, this person told her that once she turned 18, then she would learn. My daughter will always be my daughter no matter what ages we may be. She did not asked to be brought here, she was forced. Now that she is here, she is my responsibility. I would not accept anything less than the best my daughter is capable of doing...and she has the right to expect the best that I can do for her.

UNITE. Most individuals are afraid to jeopardize future job prospects by filing formal complaints.

Identify negative influences and be strong enough to speak out.

"Reach one, teach one."

"Water and fertilize the needs of research today if you want flowers to bloom in Black America tomorrow."

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