Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Parental Alienation is Accepted as Real in CA Family Courts

Parental Alienation is a gender-neutral mental illness, and it's existence is denied only by left-leaning feminist organizations like NOW. Why is this?

In California, PA is recognized as very real by The Family Law Executive Committee of the California State Bar (FLEXCOM) and The California Psychologist Association (CPA).

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  1. My children were alienated by the father. I think that NOW is unaware that this is Gender Neutral. They are stuck in the old days when mothers were automatically given the children, so fathers had to come up with tall tales to get to see their children. Those days are over. As a targeted Mom, I wish that the woman in NOW would catch up with the times. All it takes is a situation like mine, where I didn't have the funds to hire a good lawyer, the judge was corrupt and my husband was a lawyer who signed on as co-council with his lawyer/former family court judge and friend of my "good ol' boy" Judge. I was screwed from the beginning. I fought until I couldn't fight any more.