Monday, August 17, 2009

Dr. Baskerville’s talk for the World Congress of Families

David Usher is right! It is time for us to embrace traditional marriage values. This is the only way that the MRM can grow and add those who support families politically, and whom we support into the cause of Children Needing Both Parents - A Mom and Dad....Mark Godbey

Dr. Baskerville’s talk for the World Congress of Families

By David Usher | Aug 16, 2009

Most of Dr. Stephen Baskerville’s excellent talk given for the World Congress of Families held in Amsterdam between August 10-12 is available online here. We believe it is the only talk from the conference that has been made available publicly.

Please take a few moments to realize that the men’s rights movement is growing.
We are finding acceptance in larger political circles, particularly where our work addresses larger pro-marriage ends. This is something the MRM has never been able to accomplish by griping about its own travails. But this is not suprising: the “Titanic Principle” says that men must go down with the ship. Our complaints still fall on deaf ears, yet many MRM’s insist on pursuing this historically and obviously useless approach.

I urge the leaders of this movement to refocus their work on Marriage Values and similar policy approaches. This will finally empower us politically and in public policy. It will restore not only men’s role in the family, but also end the tremendous problems marriage-absence has caused women and children. After all, isn’t this what real men are supposed to do?

© 2009, David R. Usher

Video of Dr. Baskerville’s talk for the World Congress of Families available online :: Marriage Values with David R. Usher.

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