Friday, July 3, 2009

California Democratic Senate Majority Leader Darrell STEINBERG Runs from Attorney Richard Fine Question

Darrell STEINBERG Runs from Attorney Issac Fine Question

Darrell STEINBERG, Democrat Majority Leader of the California State Senate, who ignored the "Fatherless Day" Rally by Fathers - 4 -, on June 19, 2009, Friday, gets caught by William Wagener, in a gorilla interview as he re-enters the California State Capitol, at the end of the day. Steinberg, pretends he does NOT know the bill he was the PRIME sponsor of to LEGALIZE the Tortious and Criminal conduct of the 450 State Superior Court Judges of L.A. County whom all took OPEN BRIBES from the County of Los Angeles, and by strange Co-Incidence, the County of Los Angeles, did NOT lose a single LAW SUIT for almost 2.5 years, while giving ~ $46,000 in annual "Bribes" , which Sen. Steinberg calls "benefits", in addition to their STATE SALARY.

When asked WHY he does not sponsor a bill to get the Winning Attorney, who won at the State Appellate level, Richard FINE, out of Jail... Senator Steinberg walks away without answering... This is a must see INTERVIEW, no FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, or BBC or CBS would ever do. Note, Sen. Steinberg, asks "Where are you from" meaning what network.... [ he might want to make sure their state PRESS Credentials are revoked for asking tough questions - which the mainstream media avoids these days ] The On Second Thought Producer/ host starts with a 3 minute explaination, which helps understand the issue, since the entire public has had this issue intentionally hidden from them. Then comes the gorilla interview.

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