Thursday, November 6, 2008

Family Values Reaffirmation = Family Court Reform

Family Values Reaffirmation = Family Court Reform

Tens of millions of voters across 4 states, stood up for Family Rights, Marriage and Adoption Rights on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. We prevailed even in the state where the Kool-aid soaked brains of the libtards drank deep the lies of Obama and Biden.

The Family Court Reform / Foster Care Reform movement missed the Great Tidal Wave that swept out the anti-family agenda of the same-sex libtards in California, Florida, Arizona and Arkansas. The way to fixing the courts lies with the conservative movement.

We now have the first president-elect that grew up Fatherless in America. And his values show that in his choice of father-figures who he listened to and shaped his complete lack of moral fortitude and personal integrity as a man. His is the politics of convenience, the ultimate end justifies the means.

This is a man raised in a single parent home. He married a woman who hates America.

Despite efforts by me and a few others in this and other groups, Family values, such as the reaffirmation of Traditional Family values, such a Marriage and the rights of Foster Kids to a time-tested, one man, one woman home were mostly ignored, with the exception of a few family rights reformists.

All family court reforms groups could have easily piggybacked onto the Family Values bandwagon, but failed to respond positively to any family values blogs posted. On Saturday, November 1, I stood with about 200 good citizens on a street corner, and raised my sign and voice for family values. The same happened all over the state of California, Florida, Arizona and Arkansas where the forces of evil, and child abuse tried to redefine the moral virtue of marriage, and the raising of children into some kind of sexual-based union.

The best interest of children is served by the marriage of one man, one woman. Nothing else can ever replace that, or even come close individuating a child to adulthood then to model for them what is best for them, a loving mom and loving dad.

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